There are dozens of advantages that you can provide to your business with a QR Menu!
A few of the significant advantages.


Goodbye to costs

You can update the information in the menu whenever you want and save on continuous menu printing.


Good impression

You can strengthen your business with technology, gain a strong image, and increase your earnings with repeat visits.


Access from anywhere

Your customers can access the menu by simply scanning the QR code without the need to download a mobile application.


Control panel

You can design your menu as you wish and disable any system features that you do not prefer. You're in control!


International validity

With the support of 12 different foreign languages and international currencies, your tourist customers can easily order from the menu.



We do not charge any commission from any of your sales. Additionally, there is no commitment during your subscription period.

Feel The Nature

Feel The Nature

By developing new technologies, we strive to protect our world and make everyone's lives easier. As a result, our products have become a stepping stone for companies aiming for sustainability.

QR Menu Features

We offer you the most flexible and customizable QR Menu.
You can easily manage all the options through the control panel.

Waiter Calling Systemicon

Your customers can call the waiter directly through the menu without the need to say "Excuse me!"

Order Optionsicon

Your customers can easily place orders with the options of Table Service, Takeaway, and Delivery Service.

Order Receipticon

You can view and print an order receipt for each order through the control panel.

Menu Coloricon

You can customize the menu color according to your business design through the control panel.

QR Menu Features
iconWhatsApp Order

The orders placed through the menu will also be directly sent to your WhatsApp number.

iconForeign Language and Currency

You can accommodate tourist customers with support for 12 different foreign languages and international currencies.

iconVisitor Report

You can review the Daily and Monthly visitor reports through the control panel.

iconGoogle Maps Navigation

Your customers can reach your business using navigation by clicking on the address in the menu.

For Businesses

Who is it suitable for?

If our product doesn't meet your desired needs, please contact us. We know the benefits of QR menus for operational processes and customer experience. Let's discuss how we can improve to better serve you.


Business (Food)

Suitable for businesses such as restaurants/cafes that provide food delivery services.


Business (Price List)

Suitable for businesses such as hair salons, parking lots, markets, etc., that want to provide a price list.



Bar / Pub

Beach / Resort

Hair Salon


How does the order process proceed?

How does the order process proceed?


Order Creation

You can place an order by starting a subscription through our website or by contacting customer service.


Design and Printing Process

A custom acrylic menu design will be prepared for your business, and once it is presented to you for approval, printing will be carried out.


Express Shipping

Your completed acrylic menu prints will be inspected and then delivered to the shipping company for delivery.


Begin taking orders for your business using the next-generation menu!



Cost-Effective Solution

5 $ - Including VAT
One-time payment
  • Custom sticker design
  • One-Sided printing
  • Adhesive backside
  • Width: 10 cm - Height: 10 cm

Acrylic Menu

Professional Solution

10 $ - Including VAT
One-time payment
  • Custom menu design
  • Double-Sided printing
  • Including leaflet paper
  • Width: 10,5 cm - Height: 14,8 cm

QR Menu

Annual Payment

69 $ - Including VAT
2 installment option
  • Product entry
  • Free for the first 30 days
  • Unlimited order
  • Unlimited visitors


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No there's not. No commission will ever be charged.
We carry out all our operational processes quickly and meticulously. Your menu will become active the day you start your subscription. Your acrylic menus are delivered to cargo within 3 working days.
No there's not. There is no need to download an extra application for the menus to work.
QR Menu is an innovative solution that combines the power of modern technologies with the traditional paper menu, revolutionizing its digital transformation.
The menu is accessed by scanning the QR Code in the acrylic menu with the phone camera.
No, it's not mandatory. However, adding pictures to your products is important for the customer.
Certainly! For example, if you do not provide takeaway, you can easily disable it via your panel.