There are numerous advantages that you can gain for your company or yourself with a Digital Business Card!
A few of the significant advantages.


Goodbye to costs

You can update the information on your Digital Business Card anytime you want, saving costs by eliminating the need for constant printing of physical business cards.


A strong first impression

You can share your contact information with people you meet in a way that remains memorable, leaving an intriguing and powerful initial impression.


No app required

Contact information stored in your Digital Business Card can be easily transferred to the phone's contacts with a single touch, without requiring any application.


Single panel

You can manage all your Digital Business Cards quickly and easily through a computer or mobile control panel.


International validity

With support for 7 different foreign languages, you can use your Digital Business Card quickly and easily in hundreds of countries.


No subscription

You don't need to constantly pay money to have a digital business card! Become a digital business card owner with a one-time payment.

Feel The Nature

Feel The Nature

By developing new technologies, we strive to protect our world and make everyone's lives easier. As a result, our products have become a stepping stone for companies aiming for sustainability.

What can be added to a Digital Business Card?

We offer the most flexible and customizable Digital Business Card.
You can easily manage all the options through the control panel.

Personal Informationicon

By including a profile photo, name, title, phone number, WhatsApp, email, and address information, you can have all your personal details stored in a digital business card.

Custom Linkicon

You can add Google Drive, WeTransfer, or meeting links to accelerate your link, file, and document sharing.

IBAN Informationicon

By adding IBAN information to your business card, you can eliminate the hassle of sharing IBAN separately and expedite your payment processes.

Services and Productsicon

You can add the services you provide and the products you offer, which can help you expand your customer base.

What can be added to a Digital Business Card?
iconSocial Media

By adding social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, you can expand your network and reach a wider audience.

iconPhotos and Videos

By adding a photo gallery and YouTube videos, you can showcase your portfolio and promotional videos all in one business card.

iconBusiness Hours

By adding business hours, you can inform the other party and prevent communications outside of business hours.

iconGoogle Maps

You can share your business address or current location through the Digital Business Card.

Custom Design

Use your own brand logo

Having our company logo on Digital Business Cards is not mandatory. We can create a custom card design specifically tailored to your company!


How to use it?

In phones with NFC technology, the card should be brought close to the phone, while in phones without NFC, the alternative entry method, which is scanning the QR code, should be used.

  • No Mobile Application Required.
  • Instant Activation
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Contactless Connection
  • No Subscription Required
  • Customizable
How to use it?
For everyone

Who is it suitable for?

There are hundreds of thousands of people who benefit from Digital Business Cards, making both their company processes and lives easier! If our product doesn't provide the convenience you envision, please reach out to us.



It's the perfect time to accelerate your company processes and reduce costs! With Digital Business Cards, more is possible. Purchase now.



Communication is the most valuable asset in our lives! Adding value to this asset is possible with a small card, buy it now.






Chambers / Associations




University Clubs



How does the order process proceed?

How does the order process proceed?


Order Creation

You can design and place your card orders online through our website.


Design and Printing Process

Your card designs will be checked before printing. Additionally, this process will be presented to you for approval before proceeding.


Free Shipping

Once your cards are printed, they will be inspected and delivered to the chosen shipping company as per your selection.


Demo orders are available with both one-time payment and installment options!


Digital Business Card

Installment Opportunity

29 $ - Including VAT
One-time payment
  • Life-time use
  • Personalize instantly
  • NFC and QR Code


Special Offer

Bulk Purchases
Discount and installment opportunity
  • Life-time use
  • Custom design
  • NFC and QR Code

Special Order

Installment Opportunity

Digital Business Card
Order according to your requests
  • Sticker or Wristband
  • Metal Silver or Metal Gold Card
  • Virtual Card


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No, there isn't. We have removed the subscription system and now you can own a Digital Business Card with a one-time payment, without any expiration.
We handle all our operational processes quickly and meticulously. We prepare your orders, including the printing process, within a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 business days. We deliver the ready-to-use orders to the selected shipping company.
No, there isn't. Digital Business Cards do not require you to download any additional applications in order to function.
A Digital Business Card is the digital transformation of a traditional paper business card, blended with today's technologies.
In phones with NFC technology, you should bring the card close to the phone, and for phones without NFC, you can use the alternative input method by scanning the QR Code.
Absolutely! It is not mandatory to have our company logo on Digital Business Cards. We can create a free custom design specifically for your company.
Yes, it can be transferred. The contact information can be easily transferred using the "Save to Phone" button on the Digital Business Card screen.